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Himawari Hotaru
 covered by 向日葵
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Asako Natsume - Character Tropes

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Eco Q&A Recital!


Q&A Recital!』 - 【Eco

Original - Tomatsu Haruka (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun OP)

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k-idols fashion: jiyeon photoshoot

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(from Wotamin and Inakamono’s namahousou yesterday! -Aug 31)

When they posted their collab cover of Cendrillon last night, Inakamono tweeted that it was a collab that took 5 years, and I didn’t get what he meant at the time, but later they brought up that Wotamin first contacted Inakamono on mixi almost 5 years ago about doing a collab together! Inakamono was really surprised at the time, and thought it might’ve been sent to him by mistake, until he saw his name mentioned in the message.
It took a while for Wotamin to find Inakamono’s reply from back then, but when she did, she burst out laughing for a couple minutes and asked him if it was alright to show everyone, and he was like, “I don’t mind but… this is so embarrassing…”
Also, when they first met, Inakamono would call her Minmin, but once they got to know each other, he called her Wotamin. She said that’s usually how it is when people start off calling her Minmin (probably since it’s like a nickname from her fans).

Below is a translation of those messages (I’m lazy to recreate the kaomoji but just look at how cute they are)!


"Good morning…!"

Sorry to bother you!
I’ve been wanting to do a collab with Inakamono-san with a long time now…
I wasn’t sure when I should ask you, but anyway, there’s a song that I want to sing with you ><
Since I’m a wimp, I’m usually not the type does the asking when it comes to collabs, but since I really like your singing, I found the courage to…!
If you don’t mind doing one with me, please let me know!


"Good morning!!"

A…. a collab with Minminnnnn(ry [ *in Japanese it’s literally like “with Minmin, a collabbbbb” ]
Sorry, I’ve lost my mind a bit there.

Are you really fine with doing a collab with me?!
There’s no way that I would refuse…! ><
The truth is, I’ve actually been a huge fan of yours even from before I started uploading things as an utaite, so I’m so happy to be asked to do a collab with you, I can hardly believe it……! >< >< ><
Thank you so, so much!

I’ll send you a friend request on Skype!
Let’s talk more about it on there!

A collab with Minminnnnn(ry

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Tara-Holic alarm photos update
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otp: i am glad we met

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun  

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ロストワンの号哭 || ハウトゥー世界征服
                                  || ハラダミユキ ||
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