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Anonymous  whispered: japanese ?

I wish i was |・ω・`)

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Minyeon love! Ty hyomin!

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Eunyeon’s reactions to each other sexy dance on Weekly Idol. 

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shoutout to my mutuals that I don’t really talk to y’all still cool

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gifs made from/credit:  T-ara - Sugar Free (140926 KBS Music Bank)

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T-ara’s Day By Day and Sexy Love drama MV for anonymous → pt.1 (Day By Day drama MV)

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Last night ZimuinG hold namahousou while waiting for Natsushiro to come home (due to his one-man and other concert in Tokyo, Natsushiro Takaaki stayed at ZimuinG’s house for about 10 days) Natsushiro supposed to come home at 8 p.m. and eat dinner together but later he said he will be late and will contact Zimuin-san if he know when he could come back home… at the end Natsushiro haven’t contacted Zimuin-san until the present time (around 12 p.m.) then while Zimuin-san was talking about this Natsushiro come back so here is what happened……

(note: the volume maybe very small, I don’t know how to raise it orz)

ZimuinG:…..more than that, no well, actually today- *bells ring* yes, yes. while we’re talking about him… *goes to intercom* yes. …..ah, you’re not the son of this house, right? ….go reflect there (outside)!

Natsushiro: (small voice) ….yes..

ZimuinG: *back to namahousou* ….he’s crying outside…….my, my..what kind of face he’ll make when entering the house…? let’s hear his excuse…wait, I’ll put this (namahousou) as it is…I’ll hide the (browser) window..I’ll be at the kitchen…


ZimuinG: ah~ *sigh*

Natsushiro: I’m home….I’m back….sorry…I’m really sorry.. have you eat dinner-

ZimuinG: I haven’t. …now, go sit there, there. I’m troubled if you kneel down there. let’s talk.

Natsushiro: ..yes

ZimuinG: sit there.

Natsushiro: yes

ZimuinG: you said 8 p.m., am I right??

Natsushiro: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry….. well, that, uh..

ZimuinG: yes??

Natsushiro: uh…that…recording was…. being really fun…..

ZimuinG: Ho??

Natsushiro: that….uh….

ZimuinG: no, that can’t be enough reason right??

Natsushiro: I’m sorry..

ZimuinG: Eh?? …today you said Yurin-kun will come…

Natsushiro: …yes

ZimuinG: and it just suddenly canceled.. when did it come to that conclusion?

Natsushiro: well….no, well…ah, today…..I won’t be able to come home…..I thought…….

ZimuinG: …you know..if you didn’t said anything like this, I can’t even eat dinner. I don’t know what I should do.

Natsushiro: no, wait! that- uh…it’s all….my fault….

ZimuinG: really you’re not this house’s son, really. please go out from here.

Natsushiro: I’m sorry…….I’m sorry………

ZimuinG: ……should we forgive him already, everyone? *back to namahousou*

Natsushiro: EH?

ZimuinG: ah, sorry, I’m holding housou right now..here.

Natsushiro: …….eh? this…so that just now is also recorded….

ZimuinG: yes, perfectly. there is even timeshift available.

Natsushiro: *laugh* aaahhh~ *laugh* eh, when this was started taken…?

ZimuinG: from the start- look at this, it’s been 1hour 20 minutes long. Natsushiro didn’t come home so I hold namahousou.

Natsushiro: Aaahh~ Really I’m sorry!

ZimuinG: this idiot! *slap*

Natsushiro: itai! I’m sorry…I’m sorry…everyone who keep company with the housou too, I’m sorry….

p.s. at the end they make survey of should they forgive Natsushiro or not and the result id 81.5% answered ‘unforgiven’ wwwwwww

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140928 (hyomdot), do not edit. 

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Circle of friends finale just ended!
So us overseas COF fans are really excited to know what happened during the live and with the live report tweets from japanese fans Chiyta and I translated tweets about the live! 
(If you follow me on twitter you won’t understand how crazy it is)

PS. Please follow chiyta on tumblr or twitter!!! She’s my lovely friend who translates lame tweets by utaites and she covers songs and dances too ahhh she’s my senpai! But she’s married to amachu already sooooo yeah www

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she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

An angel, honestly.

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Favorite selcas of JIYEON 

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